Many shady characters in this lifestyle

Thanks to our knowledge combined, I'll be here for a long time. Many shady characters in this lifestyle. Some who we least expect. This is not a lifestyle where women help each other it is one where women create unhealthy competitive decisions forged by the desperation of competing to eat. Sometimes they go through pathetic lengths of deception to do so.

Thank you for informing me of the tampering of my ads. Please do continue to let me know if you see my ads being removed from or tampered with on the site you met me on. As a hobbyist you will not be outed by me nor punished for asking the site "Why?" I'm OK with you inquiring as to the reason of my removal on any site as I have nothing to hide from anyone on or offline.

I'm now very interested in confirming which websites I can and can't trust. If I can't trust the site for longer than 2-3 weeks, how long will you be able to? And what should we trust them with? This is why it's in our best interest to work together. This way I can keep giving you the best of the best while filtering out the worst of the thirst.

Recently, members contacted me about the unfair play of my profiles/ads on other sites. Such as changing my ads age from 22-55 :-O Or editing my contact number. Forcing a user to have to do an extended search to locate my whereabouts. Another site secretly removed my account to attempt "reciprocal link bait & switch" to gain traffic instead of continuing to share it. If not for mmmyummy loyalists I wouldn't have known about the seedy betrayal techniques.

Behind all of these websites, are people. People conduct business in different ways. Some are open, honest and direct. Others create a shade so dark it eventually blacks them right out. About 15-17 disturbing reviews of the website in mention (Which will for now, remain nameless) being questioned by hobbyists of another lady, for this very behavior. The site immediately re-instated her profile before more revelations surfaced. Silly enough, it's the same site who did this to me. Read on another hobbyist blog the site also has a pattern of shady behavior towards hobbyists by doing shady things to make money like using fake profiles on their site to keep the traffic flowing.

Thanks to you, I don't need to pay for promotion but when I do, I want it to be with a site I can trust. Not a site that will steal my photos, take my money and then ban me for nothing, I also don't want to be scrutinized by site owners who will share my information or treat me badly by making petty competitive decisions.

I didn't sign up for that. I signed up to be with you.